The Hundred Grasses
Leila Wilson

These are poems rooted in the flatlands and lowlands: the Midwestern lawns, fields, lakes, and creeks of the author’s childhood, and the farms, canals, and seascapes near her family home’s in Holland. And from these seemingly empty spaces—and the absences found there—this collection morphs into an unforgettable investigation of longing and loss, love and doubt.

Jon Pineda

When Tom Serafino’s twin sister, Teagan, suffers a debilitating brain injury, a police investigation implicates his playmate’s uncle, Shoe. Innocent of the crime but burdened by his own childhood tragedy, Shoe takes the blame—inviting the question of whether a lie born from resignation, fear, and love can transform tragedy into hope.

Black Stars
Ngo Tu Lap

Simultaneously occupying past, present, and future, this collection suffuses image with memory and darkness with abundant light. In these masterful translations—printed alongside the original Vietnamese—the poems sing out with the wisdom that comes to those who have lived through war, traveled far, and seen a great deal.

Her Book
Éireann Lorsung

Full of youth, wonder, and imagination, this collection crosses distances and generations to celebrate the lives of women, and the bonds that bring them together. In these poems, the female body rises from a foundation of stars; songbirds are cut from paper and stormy light; and letters arrive, and disappear, mysteries contained within.

I Will Not Leave You Comfortless
Jeremy Jackson

In 1984, the eleventh year of his life, the author experienced his first love, the loss of his grandmother, and his sister’s departure for collegeseemingly ordinary events that eroded his innocence in a way that was never to be fully repaired. At once elegiac and startlingly direct, this memoir evokes the pain and beauty that mingle within even a happy childhood.

Sillhouette of a Sparrow
Young Readers
Molly Beth Griffin
Finalist for the Lambda Literary Award

Growing up in the 1920s, Garnet Richardson watches the birds outside her window, admiring their freedom and beauty. When Garnet is sent away to a lakeside resort town for the summer, she discovers a chance to finally spread her wings, and her explorations land her where she least expects—enthralled with a beautiful and daring flapper, Isabella. 

Visiting Hours at the Color Line
Ed Pavlić

Often the most recognized, even brutal, events in American history are segregated by a politicized, racially divided “Color Line.” But where—asks this intense and ambitious National Poetry Series winner—is the Color Line in the mind, in the body, between bodies, between human beings?


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