The Shame


The Shame

A Novel

“A delicious, important moral corrective of a novel.” —SHEILA HETI
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What if you could change your life? Would you do it? How would you do it?

Alma and her family live close to the land: they raise chickens and sheep, they make maple syrup. Every day Alma’s husband leaves for his job at a nearby college while she stays home with their young children, cleans, searches for secondhand goods online, and reads books by the women writers she adores. Then, one night, she abruptly leaves it all behind—speeding through the darkness, away from their Vermont homestead, bound for New York.

In a series of flashbacks, Alma reveals the circumstances and choices that led to this moment. The joys and claustrophobia of her remote life through the passing of each season. Her fears and uncertainties about motherhood. The painfully awkward faculty dinners. Her feelings of isolation and failure. And her growing fascination with Celeste: the mysterious ceramicist and self-loving doppelgänger whose internet personality begins as inspiration for Alma before turning into a powerful obsession.

Bold, moving, and darkly funny, The Shame is an ambitious debut about technology, capitalism, motherhood, and the search for meaningful art—a haunting bedtime story and blistering road novel for our times.

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Makenna Goodman is the author of The Shame: A Novel, forthcoming August 2020. She is a freelance editor of fiction and nonfiction, who has developed award-winning and best-selling books on food, agriculture, health, and the environment. She lives in Vermont.

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