Milkweed Editions’ Leadership Member Program


ka·lei·do·scope  /kəˈlīdəˌskōp/ noun
A changing pattern or collection of shapes and colors
See also, a group of butterflies

Kaleidoscope members, formerly Editor’s Circle, are the leaders of Milkweed’s philanthropic community—a band of book lovers who value great literature and recognize the transformative impact a single book can have on the life of a reader.

Kaleidoscope Levels

Kaleidoscope is open to all who make an annual gift of $1,000 or more. Join today to become a vital part of Milkweed and learn firsthand how the press finds, nurtures, and publishes books that change the way we see and live in the world. Kaleidoscope members receive the below benefits, plus all basic member benefits.


Ability to direct your gift to one of three mission-focused areas of support

Invitations to select virtual and in-person previews, readings, and author talks—programs exclusive to Kaleidoscope members

Three complimentary titles

Behind-the-scenes updates from Milkweed's publisher, staff, and writers


All previous benefits plus

Invitation to a private reception with a leading Milkweed author

Three additional titles, including a signed first edition


Looking for a more personal way to make an impact? Help underwrite the publication of a specific book or series, and receive all previous benefits plus

Acknowledgement in the published book

20 copies of the book to gift to family and friends

Opportunities to engage with the author

Designate Your Gift

Milkweed is so much more than a book publisher. We are an interconnected community of writers, staff, and readers committed to life-changing literature. What part of the Milkweed ecosystem matters most to you?

Direct your Kaleidoscope gift to one of three mission-focused areas.

Publishing Program: Provide essential financial support for authors and the publication of their books.

Community Engagement: Invest in Milkweed’s outreach initiatives, including book donations to schools and libraries, and partnerships and events with other nonprofit organizations.

Fellowship Program: Open doors to those historically underrepresented in the publishing and advancement fields so they may become future industry leaders.


  • Nurturing writers

    “Milkweed has invested time, attention, and resources that together have helped make Rising into the best possible version of itself. Put another way, because of Milkweed’s investment in this book, it will contribute to and shape our national discussion around sea level rise, resiliency, and how we might adapt to ongoing changes along the coast in as egalitarian a manner as possible.”

    ELIZABETH RUSH, author of Rising: Dispatches from the New American Shore, her debut work of nonfiction which was named a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize

  • Identifying new voices

    “I am working with a dream publisher. The book has a talented team behind it invested in its success. I have a talented team behind me invested in my growth and development—a patient team. I am having conversations on big stages with leading writers and thinkers. I thought I was launching a book, but now I feel like I am launching my career.

    MICHAEL KLEBER-DIGGS, author of Worldly Things, his debut collection of poems and the winner of the Max Ritvo Poetry Prize

  • Advancing American literature

    Late Migrations had been embraced by people who were giving their whole hearts to the endeavor of supporting and sustaining what American literature can be. I don’t think any other publisher in the world could have brought this book to life and helped it find its audience.

    MARGARET RENKL, author of Late Migrations: A Natural History of Love and Loss, her debut book which was named a TODAY Show #ReadWithJenna Book Club pick

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