Deni Ellis Béchard

When young Deni’s mother leaves his charismatic father, the boy learns of his father’s true identity: André Béchard was once a bank robber—and so Deni’s imagination is set on fire. This deeply affecting memoir is at once a highly unconventional portrait of the artist as a young man and an extraordinary family story.

Wonderful Investigations: Essays, Meditations, Tales
Essays, Meditations, Tales
Dan Beachy-Quick

Touching on the works of Emerson, Thoreau, Proust, and Plato, among others, this collection of nonfiction and fables provides a walking tour of the creative mind. This is a rich investigation of what it means to think, read, write, and learn, celebrating the notion that our daily world is rich with wonder.

Christopher Howell
Finalist for the Rilke Prize

This haunted and haunting collection swings between moments of delicate connection and striking brutality. Shifting between lyric and narrative, these poems explore how our interior and exterior lives are entangled, the past living on inside us as we live in the physical world around us.


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