Being Caribou
Five Months on Foot with an Arctic Herd
Karsten Heuer
Winner of the Banff Mountain Book Festival Grand Prize

In April 2003, the author and his wife set out with the Porcupine caribou herd as they journeyed from the Yukon Territory to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. On the caribou’s trail, two people learn what is possible when they immerse themselves in the uniquely wild experience of migration.

Bapsi Sidhwa
More Information Coming Soon!
Chain Letter of the Soul
New and Selected Poems
Bill Holm

Musician. Curmudgeon. Trailblazer. Prairie populist. Teacher. World traveler. Cultural critic. Humanitarian. Scholar. Skeptic. Insightful humorist. Charismatic speaker. Firebrand. Seer. This collection of new and selected poems paints a portrait of the poet: a man of great heart, broad vision, and startling prescience.

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The Phoenix Gone, The Terrace Empty
Marilyn Chin

At once ancient and contemporary, personal and political, grounded and yet uniquely dazzling, this extraordinary collection blends Asian and Western sensibilities in a pioneering way. With wit and energy, these poems define the author’s existence as a first-generation Asian American woman, effectively straddling two cultures.

The Blue Plateau
An Australian Pastoral
Mark Tredinnick

At the farthest extent of Australia’s Blue Mountains, on the threshold of the country’s arid interior, the blue plateau reveals the vagaries of a hanging climate: the droughts last longer, the seasons change less, and the wildfires burn hotter and more often. This book is an account of falling in love with a home that is falling away.

The Easter House
David Rhodes

Brothers C and Sam left home after their father’s violent death. But upon their return to the Easter house—looming over the residents of Ontarion, Iowa—they create a lucrative business: The Associate, a group of men who perform services for a fee. When a rash of deaths occur, however, the townspeople of Ontarion begin to turn suspicious.

Beyond the Station Lies the Sea
Young Readers
Jutta Richter

Cosmos and Niner dream of going to the sea, where it’s always summer. And to do that they need to raise money. Cosmos knows a woman who might be able to help them. When she asks them to exchange something precious for the money, Niner and Cosmos agree to trade her the most valuable thing either of them possesses—Niner’s guardian angel.

Journal of a Prairie
Paul Gruchow

Charting one cycle of seasons, this book reveals countless cycles of thought: the innumerable sounds of winter snow; the fecundity of spring; the tenacity of prairie roots in a summer drought; and the mortality of fall. The result is equal parts phenology and philosophy, a blend of natural and human history that calls us to remember a threatened world.


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