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Courtney Bush Wins 2022 National Poetry Series

Milkweed Staff — 09/28/2022


We are thrilled to announce that Courtney Bush has been named one of five winners of the 2022 National Poetry Series. Her manuscript I Love Information was selected by poet Brian Teare and will be published here at Milkweed Editions in August 2023. In addition to publication, Bush will receive $10,000.

Courtney Bush is a poet and filmmaker from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. She is the author of the chapbook Isn’t This Nice? (blush_lit, 2019), and the full-length poetry collection Every Book Is About The Same Thing (Newest York Arts Press, 2022). Her films, made with collaborators Jake Goicoechea and Will Carington, have been screened at festivals internationally. She lives and works as a nanny in New York.

 Brian Teare, author of The Empty Form Goes All The Way to Heaven, describes I Love Information as follows:

“A paradise of non sequiturs, I Love Information might contain ‘poems forked as a devil road,’ but each one proves a jump cut’s the quickest way to a ‘kind of heaven of facts without context, clean sources of light.’ A seeker who settles for nothing less than maximum amplitude, Courtney Bush heads ever toward ‘things so mysterious we shouldn’t bother with explaining,’ her poems a means to ‘entering sacred time recklessly,’ now with the gusto and bumptious charm of Christopher Smart, now with the sibylline intelligence of Rilke, and always with the antic candor of a digital native. Information at root means to give form to, and I too love the way these exciting, excitable poems give new form to the world I think I know by revealing the plurality of worlds quickly spinning within it.”

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