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5 Reasons to Teach This Book: All the Wild Hungers

Bailey Hutchinson — 08/04/2020

Welcome, friends, to the latest installment of 5 Reasons to Teach This Book! In this interview series, we examine what we can learn from Milkweed’s titles by discussing our books with educators, authors, and booksellers. This month, we’re featuring Karen Babine’s 2020 Minnesota Book Award winning book, All the Wild Hungers: A Season of Cooking and Cancer.

In this interview, Karen and I discuss both the craft and critique of personal nonfiction. What on the page contributes to an author’s voice, that borderline indefinable element of craft? How do we accommodate our eagerness for answers in literature without…

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Deep Cuts—Allison Adair's The Clearing

Bailey Hutchinson — 07/02/2020

Hello, friends, and welcome to another edition of Deep Cuts. In this series, we’ll be diving in with some of our authors and discussing the behind-the-scenes work that goes into the composition and production of their books. This time around, I am beyond thrilled to be in conversation with the winner of the 2020 Max Ritvo Poetry Prize, Allison Adair.

Her recently-released poetry collection, The Clearing, is a hypnotic exercise in tangible language that verbs us through reflections on motherhood, on imagination, on desire, on flora and fauna, and more. Her poems ask readers to consider how close language…

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What Matters Most | Ep. 4 Beth Dooley

Milkweed Staff — 05/13/2020
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Every Monday, author Beth Dooley and her son Kip have a standing zoom call. On their call, they cook a meal together, without a recipe, using only whatever staples they have on hand. They also talk—a lot!—about limits (real and metaphorical), substitutions, and what it means to ‘make do’ without feeling deprived. In Beth’s words, “it’s not really about being optimistic; it’s about living within our means and allowing what we DO have to spark creativity.” They’ve dubbed their…