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Firekeeper: Selected Poems
Pattiann Rogers

With firm roots in science and the natural world, the author’s poems have been compared to Emerson’s and Whitman’s. She has written about motherhood, art, science, spirituality, and the tension between humanity and wildness. This edition presents...

Orlando Ricardo Menes

Drawing from history, ethnography, and anthropology, this collection speaks to Afro-Cuban heritage, magic, syncretic religion, and legacies of displacement and assimilation. These poems bring to life a distinct mesh of grit and beauty, sound and...

The impending death of his elderly father leads the narrator of this book-length poem back to the particular mystery of the sacramental self, the terror and the necessity of bearing witness. These powerful eulogies testify that the courage to die...

Katrina Vandenberg

These poems capture the way events reverberate and repeat across time and place: between the seventeenth-century tulip trade and the twentieth-century AIDS epidemic, for example; or even between a housekeeper, a Vermeer painting, and that day’s...

Bill Holm

This collection reflects on the author’s time in Iceland (his ancestral home), his ongoing love affair with music, a friend’s death from AIDS, and his bold reactions to the world around him. Moving from Oregon forests to the deserts around Tuscon...

John Caddy

Organized by the seasons of the year, beginning with fall, these poems find wildness near at hand—and, through its recording, deepen consciousness of the physical processes of the earth and our own lives. Along the way, the collection provides...

Deborah Keenan

Written the year the author’s mother died and her first grandchild was born, these are poems that delve deeply into the ordinary passages and transformations of life, seeking out the possibility of a “Good Heart.”

Under Frederick the Great, every Jew who married was required to buy otherwise unsalable china from the royal porcelain factory. Moses Mendelssohn, a world-famous philosopher in the eighteenth century, was forced to buy twenty life-size porcelain...

Ralph Black

These poems explore the territory of longing and loss, love and family, wild land and city street. With nods to Johannes Brahms and Joseph Haydn, Pablo Neruda, Theodore Roethke, and Christopher Smart, this collection tells of a passion for being...

Lequita Vance-Watkins and Aratani Mariko

In this anthology, women survivors of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki write of the attack’s cause, effects, and aftermath. In potent prose and poetry, these women bear witness to the shared responsibility for bringing about war, any...

The Freedom of History
Jim Moore

This collection is an exploration of histories, personal and public. The author says of these poems: “I am interested in the times when personal and political history liberate, and the times when they oppress.”

Margaret Hasse

These poems take a sometimes humorous, sometimes wrenching look at human relationships, at the varieties of isolation and communication possible in sexuality and friendship. This collection's lush lyric voice is grounded in a tough sensibility,...

Mary Austin Speaker

Are you searching for your next summer read? Look no further! For just $25 and our art director, Mary Austin Speaker, will select two collections of poems for you to read this summer. You don't know what you might love until you...