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Robert VanderMolen

The first collection in over a decade from a master of his craft, Skin reflects earnestly on the miraculous moments found in the daily experiences of human life.

Maria Baranda and Paul Hoover

From celebrated contemporary poets María Baranda and Paul Hoover, an exciting collaborative translation of the canonical poems of San Juan de la Cruz.

Ada Limón

From U.S. Poet Laureate Ada Limón comes The Carrying—her most powerful collection yet.

Wayne Miller

A boy asks his father what it means to die; a poet wonders whether we can truly know another’s thoughts; a man tries to understand how extreme violence and grace can occupy the same space. These are the questions tackled in these poems...

Benjamín Naka-Hasebe Kingsley

From the intersection of Onondaga, Japanese, Cuban, and Appalachian cultures, this collection arrives brimming with personal and political histories.

Fady Joudah

From Fady Joudah, an elegant collection of poems that shifts deftly between the microscope, the telescope, and the horoscope.

Kathryn Smith

Environmental collapse. The betrayals and alliances of the animal world. The celebrities in our feeds, the stories we tell ourselves. 

torrin a. greathouse

Concrete and evocative, Wound from the Mouth of a Wound is a testament to persistence, even when the body is not allowed to thrive.

Éireann Lorsung

A meticulously detailed catalogue of ordinary people performing acts of extraordinary violence, The Century charts an awakening to structures of dominance and violence.

Dan Beachy-Quick

Spare, earthy, lovely, Stone-Garland offers readers of the Seedbank series its lyric blossoms and subtle weave, a walk through a cemetery that is also a garden.

Benjamin Garcia

Thrown in the Throat is a sex-positive incantation that retextures what it is to write a queer life amidst troubled times.

Patricia Kirkpatrick

Compassionate, contemplative, occasionally wonderstruck, Blood Moon is a moving work of moral introspection.

To Make Room for the Sea: Poems by Adam Clay book cover
Adam Clay

To Make Room for the Sea reckons with the notion that nothing in this world is permanent.

Kathryn Cowles’s Maps and Transcripts of the Ordinary World is a collection that lingers in memory and place, in the unsettled distance between reality and its transcriptions. 

In Accelerated Silence: Poems book cover
Brooke Matson

This winner of the Jake Adam York Prize creates an unforgettable portrait of loss full of urgency and heartache and philosophical daring.

The Galleons: Poems book cover
Rick Barot

In The Galleons, Rick Barot widens his scope, contextualizing the immigrant journey of his Filipino-American family in the larger history and aftermath of colonialism.

Gatekeeper: Poems book cover
Patrick Johnson

Spooky and spare, Gatekeeper is a striking debut collection and a suspenseful odyssey for these troubled times.

Su Hwang

This collection offers a singular perspective on our nation of immigrants and the tensions pulsing in the margins where they live and work.

Eric Pankey

Taking its name from the Roman goddess of wisdom and her companion bird, Owl of Minerva turns astonishingly precise attention to the physical world.

This National Poetry Series winner is an unflinching portrait of the actual west—full of beauty as well as brutality, where boys tentatively learn to become, and to love, men. 

John McCarthy

Selected by Victoria Chang, this winner of the Jake Adam York Prize is a deeply personal examination of violent masculinity, driven by a yearning for more compassionate ways of being. 

Alex Lemon

Populated by visions and ghosts, Another Last Day follows its speaker on a search through a natural landscape turned on its edge, the landscape of today’s America.

Don Bogen

This is a collection about time—about memory, and remembrance, and how the past makes itself manifest in the world. 

Lee Ann Roripaugh

These poems take a piercing, witty, and ferocious look into the heart of the Fukushima Daiichi plant disaster, showing us survivors, victims, and Tsunami: a force of nature, femme fatale, and “annihilatrix.”

Claire Wahmanholm

Claire Wahmanholm maps an alien but unnervingly familiar world as it accelerates into cataclysm.

Michael Bazzett

By turns poetic and lucid, sinuous and accessible, this verse translation of the Mayan epic—the first of its kind, and the first in the Seedbank series—breathes new life into an essential tale.

Brian Laidlaw

Sharp, searching, and ecstatically musical, The Mirrormaker is a genre-expanding exploration of boom and bust—in mining economies and in young love.

Max Ritvo

A final collection fully inscribed with the daring of the author’s acrobatic mind and the force of his unrelenting spirit. These poems brush up against the pain, fear, and isolation that accompany a long illness. 

Jos Charles

This National Poetry Series winner defiantly makes space for bodies that have been historically denied their own vocabulary. These poems stake a claim on the language available to speak about trans experience. 

Love poems to the lovely and unlovely, the loved and unloved, finding tenderness for the other, the dead, and the disappeared. 

David Keplinger

This collection deftly spans not only the physical space of global cities, but more intangible and intimate distances: between birth and death, father and son, past and present, metaphor and reality. 

Martha Collins

This masterful companion to Day Unto Day finds common ground between contradictions—beauty and horror, joy and mortality, the personal and the political. 

Analicia Sotelo

This Jake Adam York Prize winner is a vivid portrait of the artist as a young woman. At every step, these poems seduce with history, folklore, and sensory detail.

Caitlin Bailey

Inspired by the mysterious and intense relationship of the Trakl siblings, Solve for Desire is a keening exploration of desire between brother and sister, poet and subject, the living and the dead.

James P. Lenfestey

From James P. Lenfestey, a collection of poems that lends delicacy and gentle humor to durable, long-lasting love.